• Conducting periodic meetings i.e.
  • (a). Beginning of academic year for implementing curriculum for the ensuring academic year.
  • (b). Middle of the academic year for verifying proper implementation of the curriculum and coverage of syllabi.
  • (c). before annual and supplementary examination for arranging theory and practical examination and prepare panel of examiners.
  • Prepare examination schedule for theory and practical and arrange examiner for practical as per PCI norms.
  • Finalization of question paper setters.


  • Visit the HSC institutions and arrange the Career Guidance Programmes for effectiveness and better understanding of the students about pharmacy course.
  • Arrange the help desk counter for the students and parents after the HSC result.
  • Guide and communicate effectively with the students and parents.

    • Plan for I.A Test & Model examination.
    • Maintain I.A Marks registers.
    • Maintain records such as attendance register, Answer papers, and supervisor data sheet.
    • Display of result on notice board.


    • To eliminate the errors / problems faced in implementation of curriculum.
    • To maintain standard, Quality Education and Discipline in Pharmacy profession.
    • To support, promote and prioritize educational research and services objectives.


    • Ragging is defined as:
      Any disorderly conduct whether by words spoken or written or by an act which the effect of teaching, treating or handling with rudeness any other student. Including in rowdy or undisciplined activities which causes or is likely to cause annoyance, hardship or psychological harm or to raise fear or apprehension thereof in a fresher or any other student or asking the students to do any act or perform something which such student will not do in the ordinary course and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or embarrassment so as to adversely affect the physique or psyche of a fresher or any other student. Ragging in the College Campus is absolutely banned, and hence any student found indulging in an act of ragging shall meet strict disciplinary action, which may include immediate rustication from the Institute apart from criminal consequences. Pharmacy is a noble profession. It members are revered for their human values, compassion and consideration for their fellow human beings. Every pharmacy student shall therefore learn to be self-disciplined and observe rules and regulations as a matter of habit rather than because of fear of consequences. They shall at all times conduct themselves with proper dignity and decorum expected of a budding pharmacist. The following instructions are framed to prevent the menace of ragging and foster healthy interpersonal relations among students at SINCOP.


    • Ragging is strictly forbidden in or outside the campus.
    • All students shall familiarize themselves with rules/regulations/guidelines on code of conduct, anti-ragging measures and discipline of the institute.
    • All 'fresher’s should attend counseling sessions organized for them from time to time by the college staff.
    • All 'fresher’s are allotted to 'Academic Counselor' by name. Students may approach him/her for personal/academic counseling.
    • Any student who suffers ragging or notices occurrence of ragging shall immediately report the event to concerned authority.
    • Incidences of ragging can be reported to any member of Anti-ragging squad, Anti-ragging committee of the college or to Academic counselor.
    • Students may report incidence of ragging either orally or in writing. They may also report the incidence in person or by phone. Anonymity of the caller will be maintained.
    • The College Council has identified some senior students as 'Mentor'. List of these students is placed on all notice boards of the college. A fresher may choose any one of them as his buddy. He/she will provide emotional and peer support to the fresher in coping with institutional transition.
    • All fresher's will be segregated & accommodated on one floor of the hostel. No senior student will be permitted to visit fresher's room at any time of the day/night.
    • . Dining hall and timing for various meals will be specified for the fresher's. No senior student shall enter that dining hall during time earmarked for fresher.
    • . Any victim of ragging not satisfied with the action taken by the Head of the Institution or by the University may submit an appeal in writing to report the event to the local police.


    • The members of the squad will visit at least twice in a week all potential areas of ragging on or outside the campus
    • The squad conducts surprise visits/raids on hostels and other hot spots of ragging and apprehends the culprits.
    • It shall record all verbal/telephonic/written complaints and take action as stipulated in the bye-laws of the university.
    • It shall keep the principal informed of all events/occurrences of ragging in the college.
    • Anti-ragging squad will be assisted by members of college teaching staff detailed by the office of the principal on day to day basis to keep vigil on untoward events.

    • Prepare master plan of subject allotment.
    • Prepare the academic calendar.
    • Conduct periodic meeting with the class coordinators and the subject coordinators.
    • Schedule for internal evaluation.
    • Monitor the progress of academic activities.
    • Plan for clinical practice.


    • To state a clear and fair process for students to raise a Grievance, and to identify the member of staff responsible for settling the Grievance.
    • To realize the primary needs of the students and staff and secure civil liberties for everybody, a Grievance Redressal Cell has been constituted.
    • The cell is indented to find solutions for problems like Ragging, Sexual harassment - any kind of physical or mental harassment, Complaints regarding class room teaching - Class room management, completion of syllabus, teaching methods etc., If and when they arise. The Grievance Redressal Cell convenes meetings periodically and takes steps to redress the grievance.


    • To frame the rules and regulations of the committee.
    • To make sure that all the students are aware of the discipline of the college and campus.
    • To encourage the students to maintain discipline wherever necessary.
    • If any indiscipline found by any of the students, warn them on the first instance. Take disciplinary action based on the Rules and Regulations of the committee, if found with indiscipline behavior by the same students repeatedly.


    • To promote the planning, development, implementation and coordination of staff development activities that supports the mission and goals of the institution.
    • To help individual members of staff to maximize their potential in all areas of professional practice.
    • To acquaint faculty members with recent developments in teaching and research methods.
    • To enhance work place harmony among all employees.

    • Organize orientation Programmes, seminars and discussion groups for persons including legislators in the field of educational planning.
    • Formulate and define theme(s) and subjects of event;
    • Agree and set dates for programme
    • Recruit organizing working groups - ensure support within your organization;
    • Recruit conference staff/assistants.