Fleet of 60 buses are operated for the convenience of students and staff coming from Nagapattinam surroundings and it covers almost all the points from the city.

Buses ply through every nooks and corners of Nagapattinam, Thiruthuraipoondi, Vedaraniyam, Aayakaranpulam, Kodiyakarai, Sannanallur, Kangalancherry, Thiruvarur, Kachanam, Vaimedu, Kottur etc.

Private vehicles like two-wheelers and four-wheelers are not permitted in order to prevent accidents and late-comers to the college. All the buses reach the campus before 9.00 a.m. so that students and faculty get ready for the classes at 9.15 a.m.

The buses leave the campus at 4.45pm, which helps the students to reach home early and safe

The Management is providing transport facility for our students at competitive rates. The college transport department provides punctual service, besides ensuring safety and security to the students. All the teaching and non-teaching staff can avail free transport facilities